Some of the Organizing Committee's suggested links:

Societies (with information on graduate schools and careers):
American Association of Physical Anthropologists
American Society of Primatologists
Animal Behaviour Society
Society for Marine Mammalogy

General primate information
Primate Info Net Definitive site for primatology on the net.
Bushmeat Project and Bushmeat Crisis Task ForceCRITICAL conservation issue.
Living LinksEmory University site devoted to ape research and conservation.
International Primate Protection League Primate conservation and welfare.
Jane Goodall CenterLinks to JGI and others.
Balikpapan Orangutan Society - USA [BOS-USA] Orangutan (and Indonesian forest) conservation issues.
Gibbon Conservation Center (formerly International Center for Gibbon Studies) Gibbon conservation and welfare.

Several facilities have been established to care for primates retired or rescued from pet, entertainment, or research. All need support. With apologies for the ape bias, here are a few:

Center for Captive Chimpanzee Care
Chimp Haven
Primarily Primates
Gorilla Haven
Wildlife Waystation

Research sites
African ape study sites Ecological and demographic data on African apes.
Chimpanzee Cultures Searchable and illustrated index of chimpanzee behavioral diversity.
Bwindi-Impenetrable Great Ape Project Craig Stanford's field research in Uganda.

Southern California primatology programs
UCLA Biological Anthropology
UCSD BioAnthro
Biological Anthropology at USC

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